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How to design a good marker of danger?

Plastic markers are considered an excellent exemplary, as they are recycled tools, appropriate size, could be approximately 24 inches (61 cm) long to 80 cm of long, who also have attractive colors based on established rules (white, yellow, red, blue), they must be resistant to various environmental factors that may be corrosive, such as ultraviolet rays moisture or any other that affects directly and may cause your break early. The diameter of the markers must be 1 diameter approximately.

How to mark the golf course?

• Suggestion are white stakes separated by approximately 15 yards between them.
• Must be visible, where there are no obstructions.
• Can also delimit areas of field with white paint.
• The water hazards should be marked: sea, Lake, pond, River, ditch, drainage ditch or other surface water course, including the sides with white stakes.
• To determine the lateral water hazard are recommended approximately 18 inches long stakes.
• In the field boundaries could do with painting and the warnings of the danger stakes, since the latter should be used to warn of the dangerous and be careful.
• Red stakes and yellow can be joined and also used to determine the danger on a larger scale.

Ground under repair.

Any portion that is declared by the Committee in these circumstances, should be delimited white stakes or paint, where they exist:

  • material stack or mowing grass, as well as holes formed by deformation.
  • Repair or sensitive terrain, can result in cancellation of games.
  • Visibly free zones are not marked as ground under repair, unless it is with rutted.
  • The streets are marked as ground under repair.